I don’t know

I don’t know. Maybe it has been long since I posted anything. It is not that it didn’t occur to me, but there was too much. Too much pressure, too much things to do, too much responsibilities, I don’t know.

It is interesting how a gossip or a chit chat can bring so many visuals, memories, thoughts in our head. In the lunch, we were talking about how a small win/prize/award/petty money can make us go crazy. Someone said he won 10 Rs. in a game, and I made a sarcastic remark of him having THE LIFE (Sahi hai, Boss!). But then, one of my colleague got serious, I didn’t knew as his behaviour is usually jolly or sarcastic, so hard to predict.

He said what are we doing to ourselves, how we value for such small things and actually criticise for not getting paid enough. Truth is NOTHING IS EVER ENOUGH FOR US HUMANS. The point here is we are so engulfed into things (FOMO..kids call these days) and dissatisfied with what we have, that we have stopped thinking rationally.

He explained about what he saw coming back from his home. There was this woman with a kid (maybe an year old) who was constantly pestering her mother for food. This janta (public) was on the road, Yes they were beggars. Now it is easy to point fingers and say they are social evils, defaulters in the society, refugees and what not. But for a second, did we realise these are also humans. How can we forget such small details about our basic social etiquette taught to us in school? In order to relieve ourselves, we tend to shift weights and say things like these people don’t want to work, they just want to beg and do nothing with their life.

That is not true. For a moment, think how grateful you are to be born in a family who can feed you, support you in your life choices. When it comes to these people, it is hard to assess them with preconceived notions of their mistakes for being born poor (Think).

Imagine your wife or mother who has to run the house as well as manage the kids for which she needs to have a maid. How do we assert that these people don’t want to work with same responsibilities as us? It is no fun sitting all day under the sun for some pennies which cannot even fill their bellies. When it comes to job, nobody wants a maid or a worker without proper identity or documentation. I think it is quite simple to understand that these people, for whom one time meal is a dream cannot afford such luxury. We tend to live in our bubble, far from reality which is apparently not pleasant.

With the race to be on top, the so-called development, we have forgotten that there is still a section of society who are deprived of basic human needs. There are policies, events, schemes by the government to lure the vote banks (the acknowledged population) and the rich of riches, but nobody cares what these people are going through.

I don’t know if its my job to do something about it. I don’t know if its possible to atleast give them a reason to live (not survive but to Live). But I know that we need to think, we need to learn about others need. Because there are things that might not affect us directly but in the circle of life marks our soul deep..

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