Walked away.

The food is okay, but the spicy talk is what makes the whole concept of lunch interesting. Its very easy to poke someone and then get away with a witty laugh, incorporating series of insults and sarcasm. While all this went on, now the time has arrived for a serious discussion. It has to be something that makes you think and provide your opinion as well.Usually its politics but not today. It was an incident at railway station. There was an old lady lying on the platform, mouth wide open flies passing by, legs swollen enough to forbid any form of movement possible. You cannot guess whether she is dead or not. If only you wait for a minute there to observe the twitch in her hands. But there is no time to look upon that right? Possibly she is no longer needed in her flourishing family, or maybe they thought that she might be dead by now.

Anyway the point being she was lying there waiting to die and the fact that it was a real situation which one of our seniors shared shook me deeply. He called the station master to take a look. The station master came after a lot of persuasion. After seeing her lying still, his reaction was “Arre, thoda wait kro marr jayegi(Just wait for sometime, she will die soon)”. It seemed quite amusing to a lot of people. But this guy(my senior) had some guts/ free time(as we think). He started calling different NGOs. Now here is the catch, you might think finally some sense. Yeah, right.

“Hello. Sir there is an old lady lying ill on the platform. Can you send an ambulance?”

—–“Tell me if she is mad.”

“I don’t know.”

—–“Then we cannot come. Call us only if she is mad.”

And he didn’t stop there. He called another NGO and the response was “We only take care of dogs. Call someone else.” And he did. He must be crazy himself right? This time it was cats which were more important than a human’s life.

He had to do something about this. So he saw a hawaldar(“constable”) and called him up describing the situation. Not to his amazement, this guy responded “Let her be there, even hospitals won’t take her in.

Early morning when I got up and went for the walk, the thought was all gone, long processed, contemplated yet unresolved thrown away. After completing the first round, I saw a dog crippling with a limping back leg. My mind just recalled the whole story. I started searching for something, some clothes, anything that could aid it. I followed it and supposedly thinking of me as a predator, it limped away in the jungle. I felt so low and disappointed of myself. Walking away, as I say is by nature inherent in us. We tend to adjust to what has happened. Rather than being the deciding element, we succumb to the situation.

I mean seriously, in the world we live, a person’s life is worth nothing at all. The picture as it seems that these organisations which are meant for escorting in such circumstances tend to whitewash the funds from bigger players and digest it to the bottom of their core. Furthermore, the people in general as well as those appointed to be accountable for such incidents casually WALK AWAY.  Who is to be blamed..


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