Aa hi gye!!!

Good one sir! Really hilarious. I mean I can’t stop myself rolling on the floor. Kaise karte ho bhai? How? I mean “Kha se aate hai ye log”. There are moments when it feels why do I have to witness this. In our ecosystem, we can find various kinds of flora and fauna, out of which some fauna can really piss you off.

In college, sitting in the back, I tried to observe what others have to say, when nothing is needed to be said. When everything is understood. But still there is a duty to fulfill. And the show continues. Sometimes, for fun I invoked a doubt and all of a sudden, we have bunch of people ranting different set of questions, discussions, because how and why him.

Thought it is just a phase. “Guzarr jayega”. But how can you leave such precious species behind you. Sometimes I feel its not even their fault. Its just the necessity of likeability that one desires. This of course, in due course of time becomes a habit. Which by the way is nothing but a beautiful delusional reality created by ourselves, “our ecosystem”, where we think the more you pseudo-socialise, the more interesting and charming you are.

And that is how one comes into the existence of reality (Faking).


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